Now That's Entertainment will get your party started!

With Now That's Entertainmentyou can be sure that your special event is our top priority. I have the expertise and skill to ensure that your special day is exciting and that it becomes a wonderful memory for you and your guests. I am committed to the success of your event and to your satisfaction. I will provide the appropriate level of entertainment to meet your needs, and I'm committed to making you and your guests happy.


School Dances

School dances can be as different as the classes you have to take in school. From casual and fun (Homecoming) to romantic (Valentine’s Day) to formal and elegant (Prom), each school dance has its own personality. You need a DJ that can adapt to each event. With over a decade of doing school events, I can make each event stand out. With a kickin’ sound system using only the best quality equipment and an amazing light show that will light up the dance floor like a night club, your class WON’T be disappointed. All of this is included with every school dance package. With two packages to choose from, you can select the package that works best for your school. Oh, and by the way, I carry all the current music in radio edit versions to keep the adults happy.

School Packages:

Small to Medium School (less than 200 kids):

Full sound system with: Two full-range tower speakers and two subs.

Full light show with: Two fast dance effect lights and two slow lights.

Full library of music including country, rock, hip hop, and interactive dances, all radio edit.

All of this for just $500 for up to 4 hours!! ($75/additional hour)

Medium to Large School (more than 200 kids):

Full sound system with:Two full-range tower speakers and four subs.

Full light show with: four fast dance light effects and three slow dance lights.

Full library of music including country, rock, hip hop, and interactive dances, all radio edit.

All of this for just $750 for up to four hours!!!  ($100/additional hour)

Corporate Events:

Now That’s Entertainment has over 10 years of experience doing company partiesI know it takes ice breakers to get over the initial uneasiness that comes with co-workers getting together. I have a huge selection of ice breakers, games, and other surprises to get the party started. I don’t use them all at every event. I pick and choose based on the crowd. We can also preplan games like trivia (with questions that come from/about the company) and other party games. You know your employees better than anyone. We can work together to make sure your event is a success. Each party is different, so give me a call at Now That’s Entertainment or fill out my contact form and we’ll get to planning your next successful company party.

Class Reunions:

Do you know what the top songs were for each of the years you were in high school? I do. With every class reunion, you want a mix of those “I haven’t heard this in years” songs with other party songs and even a few of today’s favorite dance songs. You want some time to talk and catch up. You don’t need a DJ trying to force you to dance or play games. I understand. I have done enough class reunions to know when, and (more importantly) when NOT to get involved in the event. I have all those great songs you danced to at your prom or cranked up on your record player, 8-track player, cassette deck, or CD player. I play them in a manner that is fun and will bring you back to those glory days. Call orContact Me today to get started planning your class reunion.

Private Events:

In over a decade of planning and playing at events, there aren’t too many types of events I don’t have experience with.From anniversary parties to birthday parties, I have done them all.  If you need top level entertainment at a reasonable price, contact me today. We can talk about your event and findout if your event can be enhanced with entertainment. Call orContact Me today to get started planning your private party.   I look forward to hearing from you.